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Aug 04, 2014 by Chris

    With an encouraging and generous spirit, Nicki trains the whole you... From nutritional education, and basic posture, to strength training and lean muscle building, she expertly helps you find the path that's right for you.

    I came to Nicki having hit a plateau in my workouts. I seemed to be working harder and harder, but nothing was moving forward... After a short discussion about goals, my current workouts, and my eating habits, she came to the conclusion I had fallen into a trap of too much cardio, and too few calories. With Nicki's guidance and training, in a just a few months I've put on 15 lbs of lean muscle, while cutting bodyfat. I'm lifting heavier and smarter than ever before. She has encouraged, motivated and inspired me to dig in, and the results have been amazing. I'm grateful to have Nicki as a trainer and a friend.

    Ready for a change? Ready to do the work? Ask yourself one last question: Got Jax?


Jul 09, 2014 by Anahit S.

    Almost 3 years ago I found a gem, my "diamond trainer," wise nutritionist, and a lifetime friend. At the beginning I was very skeptical and didn't even think that I could make exercising and healthy eating a lifestyle.

    Without Nicki I would have given up a long time ago, but she gave me the strength, motivation, support, wise advice, encouragement, and she pushed me constantly until healthy living became embedded in me.

    When I did not think one could make healthy and tasteful meals, she went the distance by making my entire meals both healthy and tasteful and delivered them to me. What trainer does that?

    When I injured my shoulder, then my lower back, the "expert" doctors suggested surgery. Physical therapists attempted to help. But Nicki, who also is incredibly knowledgeable and had a back injury herself, was able to tailor and develop our training sessions to strengthen the muscle around the shoulder and the lower back to a point where now I don't have any pain and I can almost do all exercise that I used to do before my injuries.

    Nicki has true passion and loves what she does as a trainer to help people achieve their goals. She is highly educated and equipped with nutrition, health, and fitness knowledge. She has truly changed my life and even somewhat turned me into a gym junkie. I'm very grateful and fortunate to have her in my life.


An Inspiration
Jun 28, 2014 by Jamie Hollander

    I have been working with Nicki for the past 7 weeks and my results are incredible thus far! I have gotten a lot stronger with my workouts and have more control over my eating habits. Nicki really knows how to push you physically and mentally beyond what you can ever imagine. She is a true inspiration and believes in her clients just as must as she believes in herself. I truly value her support system which makes me believe in my potential and reaching my goals. Thank you so much Jax Personal Training!!!


Nicki Jax the Wonder Woman
Jun 28, 2014 by Kari Vanegas

    I've worked with Nicki since August 2012 and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She's amazing with all levels of fitness. Nicki's training style is a great balance of pushing you to get the most out of your workout without any aggressive overtones. Before training with Nicki I could barely hold a plank position for more than five seconds or climb a flight of stairs without being winded. After some intense training with her I've built a great deal of muscle strength and cardio endurance. Each week she develops challenging workouts for me that leave me sore, but always looking forward to our next session.

    Nicki's very knowledgeable in the entirety of health and wellness, from diet/nutrition to how your body functions. She truly cares about your health and helping you achieve your fitness goals. Nicki is more than a personal trainer to me, she's a friend.


She makes you believe in yourself
Jun 27, 2014 by Christina Blumer

    I had the pleasure of meeting Nicki last fall, a meeting for which I will be forever greatful. To call Nicki Jax "a personal trainer" is simply not doing her justice. To train with Jax is to train the entire person; mind, body and spirit. She has a way of making you believe in yourself in a way that is so powerful it will change you forever. She pushed me to lift heavier than I ever thought I could. Not because she yelled at me or made me nervous, but because she helped me realize I had the potential. Her strength is a true inspiration. She is Guru Jax.


Top Trainer
Jun 27, 2014 by Remy B

    Nicki & Jax Personal Training is about commitment. They make it possible to see your goals and to believe you will get there.
    Nicki has helped me with my lower back problems and it has changed my life. Thank you for being wonderful you.


Fitness Guru
Jun 27, 2014 by sarah winters

    Jax Personal Training is an inspiration! Watching how you transform your own body and work with others is so encouraging. Thanks for everything - Sarah



March 30, 2015 by Ruby James

Nicki is absolutely amazing in every way!! Not only is she in better shape than anyone I've ever met (which is inspiring in someone you are training with ) but she is the perfect blend of sweet and encouraging mixed with just the right amount of no nonsense to give you that little extra booty kicking one needs to stay focused and motivated! Losing weight, training, trying to lose those extra pounds is no easy task and I feel so blessed to be able to work with such a pro because there's no way I could do this on my own and stay motivated! Nicki has changed my life in so many ways and given me hope and confidence I never knew was there when I felt like I had tried everything and pretty much given up on ever losing the 20- 30 pounds I had gained! I can't thank you enough miss Nicki for all you are and I'm also really loving the products you've turned me onto.. A little MRI SURGE and the EO2 EDGE are my jam and have completely enhanced my workouts to help me achieve these results! It's been 3 months and I've just about lost those 20 lbs and hit my goal mark while building those muscles I never imagined I could! Bless you ❤️


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