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Nicki Jackson
Jax Personal Training


  • CPT/ACPT/Natural Figure Competitor
  • Certified Wellness & Nutrition Consultant
  • PROLAB- MRI Sponsored Athlete
  • Education: Ultimate Long Term Goal :: Working toward PHD:: Nutritional Pysch
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Advanced CPT (AFPA)
  • Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
  • Advanced Education Certification Weight Loss and Weight Loss Management
  • Advanced Education In Nutrition through supplementation
  • Motivational Lifestyle coaching
  • Advanced experience with Geriatrics (currently continuing CEC/National Certs)
  • Certified Post Rehabilitation (currently continuing education/National Certs)
  • Certified USA SWIM COACH
  • Certified WSI (Water Safety Instruction)/Safety Training for Swim Coaching
  • Certifications:: STSC,TRX, BOSU
  • American Red Cross CPR & First Aid-Human/Animal
  • Sport Specific Training:: Swimming, 10k/1/2 marathon Training, HIIT, D.V.R.T

“I firmly believe in the power of the individual. You have the power to be anything you want. If you truly believe in yourself the possibilities are endless. The “impossible is nothing.” I believe in Varied, Safe and Effective Training, to workout in the gym, is to function as easy as possible outside of it. You must see results and have fun doing it! I strive to live in optimum health, a harmony of clean eating, performance, aesthetics, and a balanced quality of life. Always Humble and Always True.”

Jax Personal Training

Be the best version of you. Empower your body and mind.

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